Joseph Rossano

JOSEPH ROSSANO, born to clinicians and research scientists, graduated from Louisiana State University as an artist. His path joined him, via mentorship, collaboration, and exhibition, with renowned artists and institutions including Dale Chihuly, Judy Pfaff, The Pilchuck Glass School, Waterford Crystal, Museum of Glass, the South Australia Museum, and Google.

Integrating cutting edge technology and science with his art, Rossano engages and challenges the viewer to reflect upon humankind’s impact on our planet and its varied ecosystems.

Much of his youth was spent exploring the North Shore of New York’s Long Island and hiking in the Catskill Mountains. These were formative years that evolved a life focused on creating environmental awareness through art. Rossano now lives and works 65 miles north of Seattle, with his home and studio nestled in the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest.

Rossano is the co-founder of Conservation FWD, and is the artist creating not only the organization’s inaugural show (Conservation from Here) but also defining the vision for future collaborations between the art and science communities.

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